Try the Tri Doc

So, if I find something that I really believe in, I will promote it over and over again, to anyone I feel it could benefit.  Well some how over the past couple days I managed to hurt my ankle.  Actually I have a minor sprain.  It hurt to the touch.  Was swollen in one area and worst of all, it was keeping me from running.

Like with any other running issues I’ve had, I made an appointment to go to see my chiropractor at The Tri Doc.  They are amazing people there (I personally see Dr. Faulkner).  I have always believed in alternative medicine and had seen a different chiropractor in the past.  He was great, but his practice was not geared towards athletes.  He used to tell me that I should stop running if I wanted my issues to ever clear up.  No runner, or any athletic person, wants to hear that they should stop doing what they love.

No need to worry about that kind of advice at The Tri Doc.  They too, are athletes and can really understand the struggles people face when they are injured.  Dr. Tuggle has pictures from his past triathlons on the wall.  Along with his running buddy, Miles (great name) the Vizsla, chilling behind the front desk.  They believe in treating you, and giving you the tools you need to get you back out on the road, or bike, or swim or whatever sport your into.  They not only assess and treat your issues in-house but they send you home with “homework”, that if followed correctly, will get you on your way in no time.

Plus I feel like they truly do care.  Dr. Faulkner is amazing and it’s easy to see she genuinely loves her job and helping each person she sees.  She always explains everything to me thoroughly.  Whether it be explaining how the body reacts to certain stressors or how each “homework” exercise will help to heal me.  I never go home not relieved to have seen her.

So please, I can’t urge my fellow athletes enough, if you have an injury that is keeping you from doing what you love, go see the great people at The Tri Doc in Cedar Park, TX.  Voted one of the best Chiropractors by Austin Fit magazine 3 years in a row!


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