Bring it!

Sometimes the universe opens up and changes things.  Change seems to always be perceived as something bad or hard or undesirable.  At first, it can be really scary.  Whether it’s moving out of state, starting a new career, getting let go from an old one, or even committing to paint a room in your house.  But as time passes, and the dust starts to settle, things tend to seem normal again.  But can you imagine how life would be without change?

Just the other day I posted about what it would be like to be able to write in my blog everyday for a year.  When I did it, nothing had changed in my life.  Everything was still the same.  Get up, go to the gym, shower, eat, off to work, back again at the end of the day, run, eat, shower, and off to sleep with the promise of a new day.  And so it goes on and on.

So I had no idea how I was going to make time to commit to such an idea.  We become comfortable in our lives.  Day in and day out the same thing.  Maybe this is good, maybe its boring, maybe it just is what it is.  But, then BAM, something changes.  All of a sudden I found myself with, lets says, “a lot more free time on my hands”.  Actually I got let go from my place of employment.  For the past 3+ years I gave a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears to this job.  Loved it there.  Great co-workers, great pay, on my feet all day (I love being active) and just an over all good fit for my life.  Then things started to change and before I knew it my little world was turned upside down just 9 days before Christmas.

Right when it happened I was devastated.  I know that’s a strong word, but it hurt and it was really scary.  I felt like the 110% I gave everyday never mattered.  But I left gracefully and realized, in a short time, that I was the newest victim of change!  I realized that as much as we would all love for good things to always stay the same, they rarely do.  Change is a part of life and and it was upon me this holiday season.

I feel like, just like with making a mistake, it is all about what you can take from it.  What you can learn from it.  When it happened, I tried to salvage what I could so I could continue working there.  It was taken into consideration, but no luck.  Then I was sad.  It was hard to say goodbye to everyone I worked with.  And I would miss the work itself because I enjoyed doing it.  Then I found myself very angry.  There had been injustices and the timing couldn’t be worse.  But after I talked it out to death with my husband, mother, best friend, therapist and even my personal trainer, I accepted it.  The “grieving process” was over and it was time to get up and dust myself off.

So here we are now.  I actually had the time to sit down and write this.  How novel!  And now I find myself with a lot of time to do a bunch of other things I had been putting off.  Things that I would find freedom and joy in doing.  I signed up for a photography class.  I can now properly train for my first half marathon and I may actually get around to painting our bedroom!  And without this change, those changes couldn’t have taken place.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  So embrace change.  Live with it, and learn from it and then just keep moving forward.


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