Two peas in a pod!

So I went to join my Saturday morning running group today for our speed work.  There has been a new chickie coming that seems really cool.  She is a yoga instructor and loves running and cycling!  Today we got to talking and I found out that she is VEGAN also!  When she told me that, I actually asked her if I could hug her!! Some people may read that and be like “so what?” but when a vegan athlete finds another vegan (athlete or not) it is like the universe has shifted a little!  It’s just a wonderful feeling!

As a vegan, non-vegans have no idea how hard it can be sometimes to relate to them.  How you will find yourself bitting your tongue over and over again because you don’t want to seem pushy or a know-it-all.  And then all of a sudden the overweight, Coke drinking, burger munching, non-vegan, will become an expert on your health.  They will start asking questions like, “where do you get your protein?”, “how can you not eat cheese?”, “aren’t plants alive too, how can you eat them?” and on and on.   So when you find a like vegan, it is like an instant kinship!  You know that you can just talk, and they will get you!  No need to explain why you don’t eat this or that, or argue about how animal products are bad for you and not to mention bad for the environment.  You can talk about books and documentaries and chances are you both have seen them and then can compare notes about them!

I really hope me and my new found vegan runner, cyclist, yogi, can become friends!  I mean who knows how long it will be until the universe will shift again for me?


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