Decisions, decisions…..

So I’m facing a personally dilemma.  I finally have the means to get myself a Garmin heart rate tracking and GPS watch.  I’m really excited about that.  I have taken my fitness level above and beyond what I thought was possible.  Now I need to be able to “tweak” a couple things to make sure I am at my very best.  To do that I need to be able to monitor my body and it’s reaction to harder work outs.  But I don’t know if I should go with an entry level model, the Forerunner 15  ($170) or go all out from the get go, with the Forerunner 920XT ($500).  Then there is the talks of the Apple watch (estimated $300-$500) set to come out early in 2015.  I love Apple products, and I have to be honest, when I watched the ten minute video about the watch, I almost cried!  But with anything new, I fear there will be “bugs”, so I don’t plan on buying the first version.  Sorry Apple.

If I do decide to go with one of the Garmin’s, I will most likely buy it from REI.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year.  And both watches are the same price no matter where I get them from (REI, Amazon, or Garmin).  But by buying it from REI I will have a year to make sure I am truly in love with it.

Now the only other issue I am facing, is that it is less then 10 days until Christmas, so quantities in the store are low.  I know I can wait a little longer if I have to, but I have been thinking about this for over two months now!  Ugh.  And winter is the prime running season for me, so I guess I need to get going with making a decision!


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