Let’s get rid of some SH*T!

Well here I am again trying to restart, keeping up with my blog.  Ugh.  I love to write but I get off track so much with day to day life.  But that is kind of a segue into what this post is about.  Going into 2015 I am really going to be revamping somethings in my life.  I plan on living a more “minimalist” lifestyle.  Basically I plan on getting rid of sh*t so that I don’t fill my life with “stuff’.

I kind of already started to do this by canceling my 300+ channel cable subscription.  We now have only 20 basic channels and a Roku box.  I love it.  I probably only watch TV once a week now.  I could drop it all together, but my poor, soon to be husband would probably change his mind about getting married!

But anyways, back to getting rid of “stuff”.  Just today I went through my closet and my book shelves and donated/sold a good chunk of items.  It was a little hard to go through the books (I always dreamt I would have a nice “reading room”/library in my house).  But to reach future goals (one day to join the “Tiny House Movement”) I would need to make more space.  I actually cleared off two entire shelves!  I still have a TON of new books to read, but going forward I will no longer be buying actual book, books.  Instead I will be broadening my e-Reader collection.  That way, all I will ever need is an internet connection (I mean come on, there are somethings that I really don’t think I could live without) and my iWhatever device.

I think the hardest thing for me in this transformation will be with learning how to separate emotional connections from “things”.  For an example, I save all the greeting cards that my parents and loved ones have ever given me.  I feel like if I throw them out, that I am throwing a “piece” of them away or secretly hurting their feelings.  But they are not that greeting card, that “thing”, they are a living person, that no matter what, I can and will always carry in my mind and my heart.  It will be hard but I know I will get there.  I may not be throwing away the greeting cards yet, but starting with this upcoming Christmas, I won’t be giving any cards to anyone but my parents (I will need to “wean” my mom off the not giving cards slowly).

Well, now that I have recharged, I want to keep going!!  But I really need to get to sleep and with so much more to say, cutting it short this time will hopefully *fingers crossed* keep me coming back to share again another day!  Namaste!


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