Carnivore Comforts

So I have been Vegan now for about 5 months.  At first, changing my eating habits was for health reason.  Then, as I have explained in earlier posts, it became about animal rights.  All and all, I am learning that it has been about breaking a bad habit.  But switching to Vegan isn’t like remembering to take your shoes off at the front door, it’s a total lifestyle change.  And with that there is a very BIG, bad, habit to break.

I mean I have spent the first 30 some years of my life eating whatever I’ve wanted and not having to think twice about it.  And I do believe that eating (certain foods at least) is an addiction.  Comfort foods are just that; meant for comfort.  Your having a bad day, what do you do?  Have some of grandma’s recipe Mac and Cheese?  Or maybe you had a stressful day at work and you go out with some co-workers to grab a burger and fries?  Those kinds of high fat, greasy, foods trigger something in your brain that just calms you down and makes everything seem alright.  You don’t think about how hard your body has to work to digest high fat, inflammation causing, foods.  And in my earlier years I didn’t think about what the poor animal had to go through to get on my plate.  But now I think about both when it comes to what I eat.

So eating right has been awesome for me.  I’ve lost weight and feel great.  But sometimes there are things in everyday life that can trigger those old feelings of eating whatever I wanted.  Right now my boyfriend and I are buying our first Condo together.  It is super exciting!  It’s a big step for us and we can’t wait to move into our very own home!  But if you’ve ever bought a house you can understand all the stresses that come along with it.  Getting tons of paperwork together.  Waiting for your closing date.  Scheduling movers.  Packing, unpacking, forwarding mail and changing your address on everything!  UGH!

So lately I have been struggling with being such a new Vegan.  Days like today make me have huge cravings!  And having those cravings don’t make me a bad person, but it is super hard not acting on them.  I mean I am only human, and I am a human that has spent 95% of my life never thinking twice about what I have eaten.  In the past, at times like this, I would so order a pizza or go out for a burger.  But now I know that, that is not an option.  But sometimes it’s like I have a huge battle going on between my taste buds and my brain.

I know that in time, this will get easier and easier.  I will find new, Vegan, foods that will become my go-to comfort foods.  But being in the early stages of my transition has not always been easy.


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