Subliminal messages making you unhealthy?

Every now and then I will have the slightest craving for a food that I once used to eat before becoming vegan.  Maybe something like fried shrimp or a pizza with real cheese and pepperoni.  But they come and go and are now becoming fewer and farther between.  All I really have to do is remember why I chose to become vegan in the first place.  Starting as a vegetarian was a health choice.  Becoming vegan was because of my love and compassion for animals.

I think after you have been vegan for more then a couple months, you really start to notice just how often fast food companies and processed food products are flashed right before you face.  I mean I can sit down to watch an hour long TV show and see a commercial for just about every kind of fast food franchise out there.  Or I can hear about he newest miracle pill that helped the local radio DJ loose 30 pounds.  And while listening to that I will see billboard after billboard of more of the blah blah blah this diet or blah blah blah that pill driving into work.   It’s no wonder it is so hard for someone to change their eating habits or to learn about proper nutrition.  Fast food equals obesity and that leads to the next weight loss gimmick and that all equals one thing:  money.  There are no quick fixes and if you have to spend a lot of money to get the results you are looking for, you are probably just wasting your time and money!

There is no money in healthy people.  I mean genuinely healthy people.  I have lost 15 pounds by doing no more then just changing what I eat.  The amount of time I spend working out has not changed.  But, what I put in my mouth has!  And I wasn’t even looking to loose any weight.  I thought I was right where I was supposed to be.  But your body knows where you should be and once you give it the proper fuel, it will take you there faster and easier then you ever thought possible!  You will reach a new level of healthy.  I sleep better, wake up ready to go, and I am rarely tired.  And I am “regular” beyond belief!  I actually get excited to be able to go to the bathroom at the same time everyday, like clock work.  And if I go two times a day, well that’s just an added bonus!  But enough of the potty talk.  I will save that for its own blog one day!

I really feel changing what you consume is a very psychological choice.  It does take a lot of will power.  You have to want to change your eating habits.  And I do agree with what more and more research is showing, that food is an addiction.  Eating certain foods can have different affects on your mind and body.  If you eat foods high in fats, sugars, and salts, then your crave those foods more and more.  Likewise, I think if you eat nutrient rich foods more and more, you will begin to crave them.  And you will eventually be able to break your addiction with the wrong foods.  Your palate will change for good and the pounds will drop off before your eyes.  But you have to want to change.

I wanted to be healthy and then I also wanted to make a differences when it came to the animals that were suffering needlessly.  But it took time and I had to educated myself.  The key thing here is that I wanted to do it!  And you can too if it is your true desire.  So be patient with yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  And in return you will be happy with the results.  Namaste.


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